Picking a new sub.

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What do you look for in a sub when you go shopping for one??
What is your favorite sub and why??

I'm totally into REL.I like the fact that you can set them up 2 different ways at the same time.For theater they blend in and hit hard.For music they go away in the room,blending in with the mains as if they extended the bottom end in the speaker itself.

Simply put....AMAZING!!!
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  • juice21
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    the HSU vtf-2 is an amazing sub for $500 i don't think it compares to the REL, but it hit's hard, fast, and with 2 (which is what i am running) localization is not a problem. for the money, i don't think it can be beat...
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    I first look in my wallet, then at room constraints.

    These two aside, I'd go with an Edgarhorn Sub Seismic. Some subs do their job. This one puts in for overtime.

    When on a demo I prefer music (pipe organ, kettle drum, etc). If it can do music, it can do noise.
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