Help me find a LD player

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Never owned one, but looking to get one. Just not sure what brand, type, or what exactly to look for. Also, what do I need to decode dd?

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    Pioneer made the best LD players, the legendary LD704 is still available via Ebay, if you're really looking for a decent one, the LD 606 may be available if you're lucky. Anyway, if your receiver doesn't have the AC3 in put with the demodulator built in (all high-end Pioneer receiver, Denon, Onkyo have this input), you must buy the demodulator to decode AC3 or dolby digital for LD, and with that you will be able to connect to AC3 output from the player to the demodulator then to the coax or optical inputs of your receiver . Remember, the LD player you buy must have the AC3 DD output, most of the older models will not have this output. I have the referenced Panasonic LX1000 LD player, one of the best that Panny ever made, but it doesn't have the AC3 output, but I was be able to buy the new Pioneer LD606 right before it discontinued, look for this player, you will love it... Good luck....
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    Hi Ron,
    I have one of the PLD-D504 Pioneer LD players. I bought it for $409 right as DVD came out. I have about 15 decent LD to play on it as well. If you are interested in it let me know. I'm thinking $275 for the whole mess? Truthfully I have not checked going prices but if they are much lower I'll consider it. I think the pic and audio quality are better than DVD's but I tend to keep buying the DVD's because I can play them in my car as well. The D504 seemed to be the best thing out there at the time. Sure would like to see it go to a good home. It has about 40 hours on it and I have the remote.
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    YES YES YES.....
    LD is very cool, a must for Home theater people.Pioneer does make the best LD players.I own the Pioneer Elite CLD-59.
    Check Audiogon and ebay...or your local trading stereo post.
    Happy shopping,laser disk is very cool.I love mine....not to mention you can get movies for 5 bucks.
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