NAD amps ... comments?

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I am having NAD C370.

Life is suck wend I dose not have it.

Anyone own a NAD amp, or more specifically the C270 power, or C370 integrated? I am starting to get that strong feeling that I get before purchasing something, and the feeling is being directed towards this C370.
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    I have not heard this unit, but I am sure you will be pleased. Why don't you buy the 370 and 270 block them, then you will be 300wpc x 2?:D
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    Right, nascarmann, that's certainly a reasonably likely outcome; that very scenario (the amps are identical) is often mentioned as I've made my investigatory rounds. Although, a legit 120w x 2 is nothing to sneeze at, and I'd probably wait awhile before adding the second amp. The staggered order of purchase would be more along the lines of C370(integrated), separate tuner, additional 120w amp for bridging. Thanks for the thought, and do you have any experience with any other NAD products? Anyone?
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    A friend of mine had a NAD setup with Thiel speakers and I thought it sounded quite good! But I have not owned them myself. :(
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    i am actually thinking of going with the c370 for my entrance into the dedicated 2-channel realm. paired with the 541i, and eventually a 270 as well. it's either NAD or cambridge audio at this point. good value for the money for an entry level system. i've given the c370 a quick listen, but i am hoping to get a serious listen in, in the next couple of weeks...

    sorry, guess that's not too helpful, just thought i would throw it out there...
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    That sounds like a nice setup, I've looked at some Rotel's also, but I think I might be settled on the NAD. I'm really looking forward to getting that two channel system up and running.
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    Sounds fun, NAD everything I installed over the years that was NAD was very good sounding.Without owning there products I can say they mate with a wide range of systems.Nice stuff!!
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    I have no experience with NAD gear made in the last 10+ years. I have been through most of the Monitor Series from the early 90's, this was a great era for alot of MFG's, Polk SDA's Infinity's Kappa series, to name a couple, and NAD they were very good amps and receivers CD tape equipment then.

    My first real taste of HiFi was a NAD 3020 int amp, it is legendary, I got the mtching Tuner and Tape player with grass cutting money when I was about 15.

    NAD changed sometime in the mid 90's, and went down hill fast. CD player that broke, poor mfg quality and such.

    It does appear as if the recent gear made in the last 2-3 years is an effort to reclaim the title "best bang for your buck" or "giant killers" The "Silver" series is very nice stuff and pricey.

    So now for the C370 I have read nothing but very good reviews on this Intergrated Amp and matching C270 Power Amp, but I have not even seen them in person let alone listened.

    Good Luck
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