The Wire Thing .



  • etriganetrigan Posts: 160
    edited May 2002
    :lol: Samosas,vindaloo,rice,poori bread and lots o kingfisher,
    to wash it all down...
    I am familiar with the laxative-like qualities of this delicacy :p
    and the morning after :( :eek: :lol:
    CHEERS! jeff :D
    Art as expression-Not as market campaigns-Will still capture our imaginations.
  • jeberhartjeberhart Posts: 69
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    Of course Coors is beer. It's beer the same way elephant dung is nutritious.
    Of course 18 guage lamp cord is speaker wire. It's speaker wire the same way a Realistic boombox from Radio Shack is a hi-fi system.
    That said, I can't always afford Thomas Hardy ale. And I certainly can't afford speaker wire that costs hundreds of dollars a foot. I personally think that real high-end wire provides jerkoff fantasies for audios so phile they have way too much time on their hands, but then I've never heard wire that expensive, just read slobbering reviews in the magazines a few of the folks mentioned earlier.
    Bottom line for me is that the big, thick Monster cable seems to do a good job, and a big, thick Guinness tastes pretty darned good.
    Oh, and by the way, I've never tried eating elephant dung, either.
    "Evil men have no songs." -- Quotation found in Nietzsche's "Twilight of the Gods"
  • nascarmannnascarmann Posts: 1,464
    edited May 2002
    I've never tried eating elephant dung, either.

    Give it a try with a good cold Coors? :lol:
    Oh, the bottle has been to me, my closes friend, my worse enemy!
  • cgravilcgravil Posts: 101
    edited May 2002
    Back to beer ,

    The Beast was my best friend in college, and now I've settled in to drinking liquor, long live the three wise men...

    but does anyone remember Micky's Fine Malt Liqour?<not that I wanna expose my ghetto/barrio/armpit of the city younger years or anything....> I still get a double deuce of that from time to time to bring back good memories<and bad tasting belches>

    ....This one goes to Johnny Jim and Jack whom regrettably could not be here tonight....

    ps... vindaloo... I read somewhere that just meant really hot and spicy stuff to fry the stupid mainlanders tounge off.... but ya know it's SOOOO good.
    The probibility of someone watching you is directly related to the stupidity of the action in question.:eek:
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