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I just got my PSW650 back from the CC. I have owned this sub for 3 mo but its been in the shop over 1 mo. The first time I took it in they said the amp was bad & ordered & replaced the amp. Took the sub home & it still didnt work. I took it back to CC & they checked it again & said the fuse was blown & a lead or somthing was also burnt, so they ordered another amp & replaced it again. I was told I should run the sub on a seperate AC line by its self. Is this correct? I replaced the 650 with my carver when the 650 went in for repair, & so far I have no problems, its pluged into the same outlet (power surge) & uses the same cables. Dose a sub need a dedicated ac line? I have never tripped a breaker in my homes breaker box. I think that my system although it is plugged into different outlets runs on the same circuit. Any info is appreciated. Do I need a line conditioner or voltage stabalizer, or somthing else?
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    It could of gotten spiked or surged. But putting it on its own AC circuit is not needed. If you are running HT equipment only on the line .
    Just my opinion.

    Power is not as clean as it used to be but to protect your equipment from spikes and surges I would recommend it. Some model actually regulate your voltage keeping it constant.
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    What seems to be the problem with the PSW650?

    It seems everytime I turn around, somebody else is posting about operating and reliability problems with the PSW650 - especially with the amp and electronics.

    I don't see the same types of problems being posted with the PSW350/450 subs.

    Is the PSW650 really so different in the amp and electronics section?

    What's the deal with this otherwise interesting and pretty impressive performing sub?

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    Is this Sub (PSW 650) made in mexico or assembled in mexico?

    Holy craft....:confused:

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    No need for seperate power to the sub. 15amp circuit will do fine.Its a very good idea to protect the sub.A line condisioner makes all the difference in the world.Clean power is a must.A volatge regulator isn't a bad idea for the whole system.

    My psw450 have been fine the day I bought it,I bought it the day the 450 came out,I was first to buy it.
    I have also read that people are having problems with the 650.If I bought one and It went bad that fast, I would want a new one, not fixed.If it happened again, I would get the sub out for another brand or model.
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