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    Now we are getting down to the data, don't bust your balls looking for it, anything at any time is fine....

    If it was a true blind test, I am very interested in hearing more about it....

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    Here, I think, is the disconnect.

    First, I am of the opinion that wire shouldn't have a sound at all. It should be completely neutral. I generally feel this way about amps, preamps, speakers and sources as I want to hear what, say, Chris Rea intended. Not Mr. Carver, Mr. Polk, Mr. Dahlquist etc etc. had in mind. To my mind anything introduced is distortion, as little as possible please. This explains my fascination with a passive preamp.

    What I want to see is if there is data supporting this, is there less distortion? Does a particular wire improve frequency response? ETC....

    If there is NOT any supporting data then I am forced to conclude that it is a subjective matter of preference. Exactly like do you prefer Yamaha or Denon or Onkyo or Marantz etc etc.

    This is, I feel, the case due to the lack of supporting evidence. Which is fine and that being true, no one is qualified to say that one is better than the other.

    As I said before, Bob Carver did a double blind test with amps and proved that folks generally couldn't distinguish, reliably, between his amps and others (I think it was Levinson amps). Anyone have or know where this white paper is??


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    No ,
    but I would like to read it.Bob Carver has lots of respect from me.He has done some thing's for the industry I just flat out respect.
    TroyD the only thing you need to do is just hear it for yourself.You can believe what you believe.If tech spec's are more inportant than real world sound quality then thats your thing.I will agree with your points that speakers,amps, preamps, wire shouldn't change the sound, being pure passthough as you will.But thats not the really real world.No speaker company has designed a perfect speaker, being able to cove the audio spectrum flat.Nor has any amp, preamp or cable for that matter.
    But wire companies try there very best to achive this very goal you have.Reproducing the sound with as little color as possible.Some do it better than other's.
    Here's what I hear in different wires with different gear including speakers.Some speakers tend to be bright,some amps are close to nutral a cable speaker and interconnect can help tame down the brightness in the speaker.It goes both ways wire can add brightness bass to a system to help or hinder(as Aaron calls it Mantis Matching Law).This is not a tech spec technic, it's a listening experience.Thats what I et along with a list of other thing's with wire.Just like the powered tower bi wiring thing.The real question is did it make an audio difference.You can physically bi wire any speaker with 2 sets of binding post's, but by doing this will there be an audio sound difference.
    I'm not arguing your points,let them stand as they are.I can accept them.These are my points.
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    Cool, I can accept that. I just wanted to clarify my points......

    Lastly, and this isn't wire specific, I want to clear the air about the general nature of posts here of late. It seems that they have taken a rather less than friendly tone and it's bothering me. I would propose that we all leave our attitudes at the door and try to respect each others opinions (this is a subjective hobby and we are dealing with opinion 98% of the time) a little more. I have no problem with disagreements but I find (myself included) the posts are becoming more antagonistic in nature and it makes we want to participate less.

    Obviously, there are folks, like mantis, who do this for a living and there are other folks who don't have the experience. Point is, everyones opinion should be respected. We can discuss, debate whatever but I would ask that we each respect each others opinions. To be honest, if this trend continues it is going to drive folks away and then what does that prove?

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    16 guage lowes speaker wire...hahahahahaha...sounds just like monster cable too me..LOL!
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