Single disc Cd player Great sound???

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I have a set of Rt55i's that i was powering with a cheap sony receiver. But recently i sold that, and moved up to an Adcom GTP-502 Preamp and a Musical Designs D-75 Amp. The music has so much more authority and clarity at higher volumes but overall the sound is that much better than it was with the sony reciever.
I am currently using a sony CE375 5 disc changer which is their $129 model. I guess this Cd player is not even close to the rest of my equipment in sonic quality, so i guess the preamp/amp cannot sound that sucks to begin with and make it breathtaking. Is there a CD player out there by any manufacturer with great sound in the $300-500 price range? If i have to get only single disc capability in order to get great sound that is fine with me.

Thanks in advance guys.
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    Check out offerings from AMC, Cambridge Audio, Rotel, and NAD....

    Most have good internal DAC's (look for 24bit), not a lot of bells and whistles, but a good, clean, simple build, and Audiophile grade components internally...

    There are others, but that should get you started....

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    Last month i bought a Toshiba SD4700 single disc DVD player. I wanted it for the DVD-audio capabilities. I like the sound it puts out.. i upgraded from a three year old Toshiba SD3109 two disc player. I've had good luck with the Toshiba players so far two times now.
    Whatever player you decide on... think about going with either a SACD or DVD-A player.. you may not be interested in that format right now.. but I think it's going to reallly take off in the next year or two.. and you'd be one step ahead of everyone else. The sound that comes from a DVD-A or SACD player is simply amagzing to listen to.
    The Toshiba SD4700 sells for about $230... the money you save you can splurge on good cables (DVD-A) takes 6 RCA cables from the player to your receiver. or you can buy a bunch of DVD-A music. just some thoughts.
    good luck.
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    Also check out the Arcam CD players, the lowest end model (I think it's the 62) is like $600.

    I LOVE my Arcam AVR-200 5.1 amp, and I have a 2 channel Arcam A65plus amp, I love that too.

    - Steve
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