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    Sounds like a great idea to me! I also appreciate install galleries of a car audio systems to help give others ideas, or just show off a sweet car!
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    i still want a viper
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    Josh wrote: »
    totally not the point... :p

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    audiobliss wrote: »
    Aww, thanks for pointing me out! :o :D

    I think it's a great idea!! Everytime somebody mentions something about a car I instantly derail the whole thread asking questions about it. A general auto forum would be just the perfect place for such stuff. I could live in a car forum.

    Bring it on!

    Justin! You listening??

    I agree, I would love to have a general automotive forum here. I just don't feel comfortable going into other car forums not knowing anything about cars/asking dumb questions/etc.
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    hey im from australia n just wondering how would you go about connecting a 12v DC car stereo to my house power 240v AC

    cheers mate

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    I'm thinking this is in the wrong forum, but....

    I think you need to power supply which you can power the radio with. Here in the states we can get a 12vdc power supply that we can plug into 120vac 60hz. I would think you could buy something like that for 240vac in Australia. The current is important you will need 5 amps or better don't try it with anything smaller. I'm cautioning you on using a car battery charger as these are very dirty and not very accurate as to output voltage. Read will hurt radio and or cause you audio issues.

    On second thought this should be moved IMHO

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    Why not - I notice a lot of threads about the maintenance and purchase of nice to consolodate them all in one thread.
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    blast from 2007, but a sub forums for just autos would be cool idea.
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    Has my vote as well.
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    Cars are soon to be obsolete... now a Segway or a PRP(personal rocket pack) subforum would be the way of the future!:biggrin:
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    Cars are soon to be obsolete... now a Segway or a PRP(personal rocket pack) subforum would be the way of the future!:biggrin:

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    DSkip wrote: »
    just watch out for cliffs.

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    heiney9 wrote: »
    Any clue how to use the internet? Found it in about 10 sec.
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    Evidence that zombie threads can't be killed.
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    messiah wrote: »
    Evidence that zombie threads can't be killed.

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    I'm on two Toyota forums & so another place is too much for me; count me out.

    Jstas, have I seen you on YotaTech or ToyotaNation?
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    Motorized Vehicles Sub-Sections
    Automotive all fuel types
    Aeronautics-Airplanes Prop / Jet turbine
    Rockets Spacecraft
    Golf Carts
    Horse and Buggy
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