Need help understanding Alpine Type R specs

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Ok, I am looking at making my own home sub this christmass break and I need help deciding on some good subs. I plan on making it an entirely sealed enclosure and the speakers can be no larger than 12 inches. I have heard the Alpine Type R's before and thought they sounded awsome. I need this sub to be able to dip down to around 25 Hz.

So I am asking for direction in finding alot of information out about these alpine Type R's including the price i should pay for used pair but that all depends on the model numbers it seems. Also I do not need a model that handles more than 300 watts RMS. Because I will only be pushing a pair with 500 watts at 4 ohms. At least thats the plan. Thanks for your help, Drew
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    let's see... for current models, go to

    for example, the SWR-1242D can take 500 WRMS, a bit more than you need - not that that's a bad thing... it retails for $220, and used prices should be about half that... ebay for it NIOB should be maybe $175?? and you want a pair to be at four ohms, so you need the dual-4 model... browsing through their tech center (not very well laid out) should yield the T/S specs...

    ebay can provide past models, and the various car audio sites (a short list is at the top of
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