Hey Mantis B+K AVR307

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I ordered me up one , not here yet. I am hoping friday. I thought it blew away the Denon and Marantz . Wanted the seperates but $$$$$$$ are limited . I was told the preamp was exactly the same as the Reference 30 preamp, just with 7 channel amps in it. no matter what speakers where hooked up to it they sounded better than the other receivers I was intrested in. The polks sounded great , better than ever . The sales guy has a Denon 3802 and RT series polk , He freaked out ( they don't sell polks he never heard them on B+K stuff) thats what they can sound like. He said the Denon makes them sound a little dirty or harsh. Thanks for all your input . I only ran RT35is through the three receivers and some B+W's and MIrage speakers . I still liked the Polks over the others.:p :) :p
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    Congrats on the new B + K. I was in the same boat as you were. I looked at quite a few different receivers. Money was a concern also. I ended up going with the Denon 4802 as an upgrade from my Sony STR DE945. All I can say is "What a Difference!" Every CD I listen to is like a new CD. My Polk RT-2000i's really sing now. I can just imagine what your B + K will sound like.

    I am thinking of doing the same thing you suggested earlier by using my receiver as a preamp once I get some extra cash to purchase a seperate amp. I guess this is the next area I have to educate myself on.

    Anyway. great purchase. Hope you enjoy.

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    that 's what it's all about .Hearing it before you buy it.I 'm glad i helped you.And gladder that your happy.
    That receiver has alot of cool thing's.I have set them up hundred's of times.Feel free to ask any question's about it that you want.
    The ref30 is inside the box,and a st class amp.Just simply put...............killer.
    I will also own B&K for my new theater as the new avr507 is comming out 4th quarter.I'm so pumped.But if it doesn't come out in time for my theater,I will pick up a 307 cheap/or ref30 and 7270 and upgrade it later.
    Have fun with it, it has a lot of cool set up.
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    just waiting ..................Hopefully Friday it will be here.Most of all I wanted a awesome preamp, got it and the best receiver I could get for the money,I feel. I'm sure I will have some set up questions, I'll be asking away.:cool:
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    bbubba i know how you feel o had to wait over a month to get my tv and i was told i would get it in time for super bowl sunday but it cam in on mon and i got on wed
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