Can I run a second center speaker?

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Is it possible to run a second center channel speaker with a Denon AVR-1802. if so how?
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    I have a Denon 1802. There are potentially two ways you could do this. The easiest would be to simply run the speaker wires in a series from one center to the other. Another more complicated and expensive way would be to run a Y output from your center channel pre-out and connect each half of the split to a two channel amp or two mono blocks and then out to two center channel speakers.

    The question is why would you want to. Paul DiComo just answered a similar question in another post.CLICK HERE
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    if your receiver is rated to go into a 4 ohm load you can wire it in parell . Most receiver are able to go into a 6-8 ohm load. Wiring it in series would put less strain on the center channel amp if the two center channell speakers are 8ohms each then it will put a 16 ohm load on the amp. if they are 6-8 ohms each no problem even to 4ohm would work in a series wired load. The lower the Ohms the closer to a short cuircit , closer to a short cuircit the more heat etc...... then toasted amp
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    You can if you want..........but..............
    Why?...if your not getting the performance out of one center you would like, then try upgrading to the next level.
    Setup has alot to do with performance.Make sure all of you level's in your setup is calabrated.This can make a huge difference in performance.Try better wire,this 2 can inprove the center channel.
    2 center channel's are hard to get to sound right and not cancel each other out.The in series is a good way to start, that in phase and out of phase series wiring........
    Id get a better center before I ran 2.........thats just me.
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    I have a separate center ch amp so it was easy I just put one above and one below the screen , but there was a audio cancelation almost like dropouts .
    I think it was every 800,1200 hertz so it was irritating and was removed .
    I ended up with a kef coaxial that has very little off axis problems .
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