Vibrapods and center channel

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I can't help but think that a CS1000 atop the ol' Sony has to be adminstering a beating vibration-wise. Does anyone have any experience with Vibrapods, good or bad. I notice that Polk sells them in their store, and I was thinking about getting them for the DVD and amps, but my question is mainly regarding their use on the CS1000 atop the TV. Rick, a happy new Polkster.
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    I just ordered 4 pairs for various pieces of equipment but have not put them on yet. They appear to be made well and I have no doubt they will perform well. In general you want to spike down the speakers, not isolate them but for the center it makes sense if it is vibrating your monitor. The vibro-pods would probably work fine. CAUTION: In the polk add they have the wrong weights listed for the different vibra-pods. They list the weight for each vibrapod as the system weight. You should check out the vibra-pod site to make sure you are getting what you want before ordering.
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    this sounds like a good experament.Post back your finding's
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