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I have narrowed the feild down to 3 receivers . I have had to rethink the $$$$$$ . Can you give me your opinion . Sound quality, reliablity, and functionality.
Denon AVR 4802
Marantz SR 9200
B+K AVR307 ( this one I know is in a different class plus it is a bit more bucks )
So I guess really just between the Marantz and the Denon. I know the B+K is all around better. I will have to make a desicion .I know all of these are a major step-up from my sonySTR-DE1045

actually the pricing is DENON, Marantz, the B+K.
1695, 2395, 2695
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    B&K is comming out with a new line soon, you might beable to get a killer deal on one.
    If not, both your choices are great one's.You would have to really listen to both of them and pic one that sound's the best to you.
    You will not go wrong with any one of those receiver's.Marantz and Denon make fine receiver's.
    The real question is what one work's the best for you????
    I bet the answer lies in there!!!
    Test your **** off Bubba, have fun with it.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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    Mantis thanks. How soon on the new B+K ? Is it going to be a replacement to the AVR307? I also am wondering if I was to use either one of the receivers as a pre-amp.Which would be the better. I haven't found many mid priced pre-amps out there in a 6.1 or 7.1 design. I like the way the Denon's jacks are laid out much better than the Marantz , but just in terms of ease of use. I did notice the Marantz has amp input jacks. I guess the receiver than has the most pre-amp output voltage (cleanest) could be the winner.I'm considering going to seperates. Buy a receiver then use it as a good pre-amp, purchase the amp or amps I feel is what I want . Than get the Pre-amp at a later date . Hold on to the receiver or sell it ??Who know at that point. Also have you installed any of the Marantz MA-6100 monoblocks? I'm having a hard time listening to them ( cant find a dealer with them to demo) also going to them do you feel I should bridge them , going into seperates that only would put out 125 watts is worth it? Too bad they don't make the larger ones anymore.
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    you ask all good question's.
    The B&K 's new line is comming out this fall.You can get a good deal on the avr307 as it is going disco.
    The Denon avr4802 is a killer receiver for the money.It will power your system very well, it's built quality is good,and you get a cool remote with it.
    Marantz is also a really good receiver company.There reciever's are one of my person favorite's.

    Having lot's of power in watt's can be a good thing but you will hardly never need mre than 70 to 100 watts.Good quality watt's not market hype watt's.
    Seperate's are alway's the way to go if you can afford it.Buying B&K seperate's is a good thing ,you won't have to buy a new amp everytime you want to upgrade.It cost's more up front, but in the long run you save money.

    I know it's hard to pic one over the other, they are all appealing in there own right.Money alway's interfer's.But thats life.You could wait and save more money and get what you really want.Or you can buy now and settle for something else.
    Just remember that your ears can hear the difference, don't buy untill you demo the hell out of everything.
    I will say this again, you won't get a bad product buying any of the choices you made.
    Let me know how you made out.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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