FS: NIOB Ascendant Audio Atlas 12

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This is posted under the flea market as well. Since I haven't contributed as much to the CA side, I put it for sale there first. Pictures are on the other thread, so here is the link: Original Thread

I bought two of these back in May when they were liquidating them to move to the new lineup.

I sold one of them to my brother to build his own subwoofer, and haven't come up with a reasonable project for the other one. I opened this one to check the receipt and my brohter opened the other one before I had a chance to keep at least one NIB.

I'm looking to get :sold: shipped for the Atlas 12. It will be shipped in its original container. Paypal is fine, but I can't accept credit cards through it yet.

If you have been contemplating building your own subwoofer, this one will fit most bills. I paired a Atlas 15 with a 240 watt P.E. plate amp last spring in an O.B. configuration for a client and it still provides a lot of low end for his home theater.

If you would like to do some research on it, take a look at their old site: http://www.ascendantaudio.com/archive/index.htm This is one of the drivers that utilizes the XBL2 technology.

There is a wealth of information available about this subwoofer, including different wiring configurations(dual voicecoils).

If you have any questions, please ask.

Thanks for looking.

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