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VinnyP61VinnyP61 Posts: 28
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Hi I was wondering what surround speakers should I use with my 800I cs400 center iam running with a Denon 3801 thanks
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  • OrangeToupeeOrangeToupee Posts: 488
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    Are you looking to do a 5.1, 6.1, or a 7.1 system?
  • ted538ted538 Posts: 63
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    i have the 800i and the 400i...i have the rt35i`s for the surrounds..they sound great...i would suggest those.
  • reidbubbareidbubba Posts: 5
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    I have the 800i with the 245i centre and using f/x300i surrounds.
    Sounds awesome.
  • VinnyP61VinnyP61 Posts: 28
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    Thanks I am using 5.1 set up
  • earnest pooleearnest poole Posts: 22
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    I have the 800i, cs400i,and I am using the 35i's for my sourrounds in a 5.1 setup and I am very pleased with them.But I would like to do a 6.1 but I cant decide what to go with for the rear sourrounds. I was thinking about moving the 35s to the back and getting some fx500sfor the sides.will the two 35s wired in parallel be large of a load for my receiver ''AVR-2802".
  • OrangeToupeeOrangeToupee Posts: 488
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    For a 5.1 system, I think conventional wisdom says to get some F/X500i's, or even F/X300i's. Here is a good page to read for determining where to place your chosen surrounds.
  • ted538ted538 Posts: 63
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    wow earnest...we have almost the identical system..I have the 1802,not the 2802 though...I have the 450 sub which is good ,but I think I should have gone with the 650...maybe I`m just being too picky..
  • mantismantis Posts: 15,432
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    It will depend on your room layout, both the fx/500's and the rt35's make good choice's, they match you system well,but to figure out what speaker would work the best, i need more info on you room, where you sit.
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  • scottvampscottvamp Posts: 3,297
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    I'm using the fx500i's dipole and cs245i as rear center in a 6.1 setup. Absolutly seemless! Check out my system showcase for placement.:D
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    i defferntley recomend the 500 i love mine thay are too sweet and they look darn cool too
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    vinny, i had the rt35i's for awhile, upgraded to the fx1000's. the dipole was the way to go for rear HT surround IMO. much more diffuse sound. although i am running the 1000's, i think the 500's would be ample in your set-up. good luck finding them now though, that was my problem...
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