Audio testing different receivers with RT35i's

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I'm out shopping for a new receiver. My concern is I don't want to tote around my RT1000's towers to the audio shop (the stores that have the good receivers and seperates don't sell polk). Do you think bringing my Rt35is would be a good enough reference speaker for listening to the differences in the equipment. My set is based on the 1" trilaminate tweeter and 6.5" driver.

What do you all think out there?



  • BBUBBABBUBBA Posts: 66
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    I should have listed my speakers.

    fronts RT1000i's
    center CS400i
    Surrounds FX500i's
    SUB's PSW650
  • mantismantis Posts: 15,955
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    Get a good listen to your rt35i's as music front's or main's for that matter.They do not sound no where near as good as your rt1000i's do , they do not perform the same way NO.I have both speaker's and I tested the **** out of them.
    But in your case,I know lugging around rt1000i's suck.But what I would do is use the rt35i's and find 2 to 3 different receiver's that sound the best with them, and then take your rt1000i''s in for the final test.I will be most pleasing to come home with the right receiver then have to keep returning them.That get's old real quick.If you have no Idea what receiver's sound best with Polk, Tak it from me, I have tested them all(just about).
    The Denon line is very well balanced for both music and movies.You should at least go with the avr3802.Thats standard,better would be the avr4802, and the avr5800 would be best.
    If money isn't a problem, Go with the B&K avr307.You speaker's never and i mean never sounded like that.Super drive,crystal clear high's mid range and clean low's.You speaker's will sound better than you ever heard them.B&K mates so well.Rotel I haven't tested with Polk yeat, but that's a good place to start.The rsx1065 is a killer receiver, and for 2000.00, it can't be matched in sound quality.I can in feature's but feature's don't make for a good sounding receiver.
    You can try everything else on the market, buy you will find these receiver's the best of the best for POlk'S. I want to try Pioneer elite with Polk's but I haven't got around to that,it's a beast.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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