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2-year olds and electronics don't mix that well. I recently reconfigured all stereos in the house to be above 5 feet or so. One problem, I didn't have room for the vcr so it had to stay below the TV. (There's really not much I can do to protect the floorstanding RTA 11TLs either, but for some reason, my son doesn't ever go near them, knock on vinyl-covered wood.) Anyway, the calculated risk for the vcr didn't work out yesterday and we need a new one. I assume this one will also live a dangerous life, so I'm not even inclined to go to walmart and drop $40 on the lowest of the low end. Let me know what you got, shipping will be to 60126.

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    Go to a couple local pawnshops, they have stacks of them they can't get rid of. I'll bet you can walk out with a COUPLE hi-fi models for under $20.
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    Good idea, will do. I always forget about pawnshops because I haven't been to one for a long time.
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    Yard sales, I run across a ton of them, cheap too!

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