'99 Jeep Cherokee

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I currently have EX coaxial 5.25" polks in my car and I was wondering if anyone had any tips on modifications to fit 6.5" coaxial or components in the sound bar and/or doors of a '99 Jeep Cherokee. They would be running of a Clarion 845 head unit. Any recommendations for, subs, speakers, and boxes are welcome, along with midification and fabrication tips.
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    i dunno about your particular vehicle, but a lot of times a spacer will do the trick

    since your speakers are shaped like this at the bottom:
    a lot of the time a 6.5 will fit in a 5.25 hole with a spacer, if not, nothing a rotary tool cant fix
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    Where do I find a spacer for the speakers if they do not fit? Is there a place that specializes in that. I know that I can take a rotozip to the rear headliner to fit the 6.5" in there, but what about teh front doors? I don't think that I want to take out anything from the doors, so a spacer would most likely be needed. Where is there a good place to buy those, and are any brands better than others?
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    You can buy adapter plates for speakers but theyre like $20...and plastic.

    Youd be much better off going out and buying a $5 sheet of birch plywood 1/4" and cutting out the baffles you need.
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    i also have a jeep cherokee its a 94 but all the pillars are the same (across the roof in the cargo!!) they only hold 5.25" coaxials but im putting the momo 6" components in mine all you need to do is look at the inside on mine i just recently put in 6.5" coaxials in and all you have to do is re drill the holes and mount the new ones!. its fiberglass so drilling is easy!! if your doing what im doing(6" component momo's) the magnet is alot bigger than will fit in there im going to cut out part of the ceiling mat for the subs to fit!! the crossovers easily hide in the center area of the pillar and of course the tweeters will mount on the outside of pillar on the out side near the window of each sub!!! i hope i helped!!!
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