Golf and Troy's GT.....

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I'm curious how many people are actually planning on playing golf on Sunday. I know Shack mentioned it on the other thread, but who else is wanting to?

I have to decide whether or not I wanna bring my clubs.....
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  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,488
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    I'm down for some golf, but it's hobo style, one club only for me.
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  • Tour2maTour2ma Old School Posts: 10,176
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    One club, huh? How many balls are you bringing? :eek:

    Would love to join y'all, but the shoulder is not quite ready yet, and there just might be a couple more combo's I had not heard yet...

    Plus have to:
    - air out the place after "Kolchak: The Night Farter" reeks havoc;
    - pick my contact lenses out of the kitty litter (having been washed away by **** induced tears); and, of course,
    - round up the sheep....
    More later,
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  • TroyDTroyD Posts: 12,136
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    I think Ima pass on golf based on the fact that leaving Wendi alone in the house with a bunch of strange men.......NOT !!

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
  • George GrandGeorge Grand Posts: 12,272
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    Want me to come down and babysit so you can play golf?

    George Grand (of the Jersey Grands)
  • RuSsMaNRuSsMaN Posts: 17,995
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    I'll golf if yous guys want to, but Ima one-club it too.

    Just get me to a pawn shop, so I can buy my 5 Iron, and I'll be ready.

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  • jdhdiggsjdhdiggs Posts: 4,471
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    Shoot Russ, if I knew you were so discriminating I'd get you some clubs. My buddy just replaced his set that had not one iron match the make or brand of any other iron in the set. You interested?
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  • brettw22brettw22 Posts: 7,700
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    I'm gonna leave the clubs at home......Seems like there will be PLENTY to do at Troy's.....

    See y'all Friday night......
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  • amulfordamulford Posts: 5,198
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    Originally posted by brettw22
    I'm gonna leave the clubs at home......Seems like there will be PLENTY to do at Troy's.....

    See y'all Friday night......

    That's what I'm sayin'. I don't chase the little white ball, not to mention around a bunch of hung-over. stumblin' psychopaths.

    Jesus, could you imagine????? It'd probably make for a humorous spectacle...

    Doro staggers up to his shot. He pulls out a ... oh he's only got one club. He lines up and PUKES ALL OVER THE GREEN!!! OH THE HUMANITY, OH THE STENCH!!!

    Russ pulls his marker, he's looking a little shaky. He goes into his backswing and THE CLUB FLIES OUT OF HIS HAND!!! He lost his balance folks and tumbles down the hill, right into the water hazard!!! Not one to waste the time, he pulls out a bar of soap.....
    I smell ****, burning ****, glowing cherry red spanked ****.

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