WTB: pair of f/x300i speakers

craigmcraigm Posts: 8
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I'm looking for a pair of f/x300i surround speakers to match my rt55i fronts and cs400i center. Anyone know of a way to find some of these.

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  • Meeks32Meeks32 Posts: 330
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    They are on ebay quite often, I got my white ones a few months ago from there for $190. Also I dont think they are the exact match for your setup(I have that same setup also), I believe the 500's are the match since they have the same tweeter. I would have gotten those but couldnt find any.
  • craigmcraigm Posts: 8
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    Your right the 500i probably is the better match, but they are to big for where I need to hang them. I'm sure the 300i would work just fine. I'll keep watching Ebay.

  • francis1967francis1967 Posts: 161
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    FS fx/300i
  • Airplay355Airplay355 Posts: 4,273
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    fx300i will work fine, they have the same tweeter as the 55i and 400i.
  • danger boydanger boy Posts: 15,888
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    F/X300i have silk dome tweeters..

    55i's and CS400i have tri lams

    but as surrounds.. they match close enough. that you would be hard pressed to hear a difference.. i can't and i have tri lams in front.. and silk domes for surrounds.
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    I found this set on ebay tonight (no affil). Didn't know if you had seen them.
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