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Hey guys gonna put togeather a system for my little sister and want some bookshelves and a sub to help with the lower end that im sure the book shelves will be lacking in. I have heard great things about the nht 3bs and would be happy with that if someone has apair avalible. This is for music so boomy subs need not apply. Thanx for the help and the price that im working with is not realy an consideration. It all depends on whats avalible used from you guys. And screw the Ebay police if you see something on ebay with a bin feature please post it here. Thanx for the help.
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    I have a pair of Boston A40s I can let go for $40. The corners are not pefect, but in otherwise good shape. I got them from Woodyjacobs here.
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    I have a Yamaha YST-60 subwoofer. I wouldn't call it the most accurate sub, but it should be fine for the intended application.
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    I have a pair of near-mint Infinity RS 1 bookshelves. They were packaged with a Receiver I wanted in an ebay auction and I really don't need the speakers. I'm not sure what to ask for them, as I haven't seen a pair sell on ebay recently so I don't know what they are fetching.

    5 1/4" woof and 1" tweet. Very decent-sounding speaker...pretty comparable to a Polk R10 or R15.

    Make an offer, maybe?

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    system 2:
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    2 channel
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    I smell ****, burning ****, glowing cherry red spanked ****.

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    Hmmm those nht sound mighty nice. Dont know enough about speakers to tell on the others. Come on Sean give me your best price and Ill see if I can swing it. I was hoping to do it for under 500 but you can never tell what people will offer.

    Hey Doro didnt you own a psw202? If so how was it for music I looked at the specs on it and I didnt think it went verry low.
    Wish I was a polkologist then I could call my self Dr.warviper.
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    Alright Sean let me see if thats the way I wanna go Ill get back to you on monday and tell you for sure. Feel free to sell to some one else before then though. I heard that they are superb speakers.
    Wish I was a polkologist then I could call my self Dr.warviper.
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