Cable Shootout AQ vs. Junk



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    Added the Signal Cable.... I noticed a "clipped peak" at about 3.5k on the Signal Cable, ran the test again, and got the same result. (Also, the Signal Cable didn't get much break-in time at all, only a few minutes.)
    acs.jpg 34.5K
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    PT - I applaud you for taking the time, and going to great lengths to shoot many graphs through those cables. I am a cable believer, obviously, but it really boils down to the listener.

    The cable non-believers have to admit that fact also, it's not a subject of argument.

    I think that alot of the cable theory gets lost in marketing, and/or propaganda of the brand name. True data doesn't sell cables....period. I am not knocking the experiment, just stating that this is why we don't see YOUR kind of effort. It's packaging....colors....beefy terminations....nice packaging....brick and mortar contracts....all for the end result.....of selling to the cannon fodder.

    I was cannon fodder, for a long time. It was a long road for me to find differences in gear, but it still comes down to the listener.

    This data is excellent, and grassroots. This is the kind of thread that the forum needs to be reading and simply thinking about.

    I have an Outlaw brand IC that you may use, just let me know.
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    Originally posted by dorokusai
    I have an Outlaw brand IC that you may use, just let me know.

    Might take you up on that if I get time.

    So far the AudioQuest is the most "graphically dynamic" of the three cables. :D

    My thought is that the AQ may be a little more precise and not blend the different frequencies together as much as the other cables(of course we are talking on a very small scale here).

    I'll spare everyone the more subjective comments such as "the vocals were soulfully melodic, blah blah blah", because the truth is, that I CAN ENJOY listening to music on BOTH cheap cables and expensive cables. :)

    I think I stated somewhere above that I thought the AQ sounded better than the cheapie, but I still really need to do some blind testing, which would require a little help from some local polkies, hint hint Hbomb and Burdette.

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    This was an excellent topic Toby and you presented it in a Doc Spec like fashion.

    My life has been crazy the past few weeks and I could only have wished I could have been a part of this excercise. Perhaps next time Bro!

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    YEAH !!!
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