I'm having the exact same issue as a previous post.

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I have the exact same issue as a previous post.

I purchased POLK MagniFI Max system in December. Ive just started having problems. The sound bar will not stay on. I have un plugged it all & re started it. The bar comes on, orange light comes on & then 4 white dots come on then back to 1 orange light & then turns off. There is no sound. The sound bar does not stay on long enough to have sound. At 5 months old this should not be happening. I have looked at ifixit & it says replace motherboard. Where do I buy a new motherboard"

How can I fix this issue?

Mine is 10 months old and I wold really hope that polk makes a longer lasting product than that.

Sounded great when it worked


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    Call Polk Customer Service
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