WTB: Your Sauces



  • GlennDog
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    my local Aldi has like 2 cases of the Poly sauce . . . lemme know

    You've piqued my interest, so . . . going to check out another store. I'll keep ya posted

    pm me your phone # and I'll send pix of what's in stock. Guy I spoke to sez Poly is a standard stock item here
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  • Gardenstater
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    I checked my Aldis but the manager told me No Sauce For You!
    George / NJ

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    Thanks @Gardenstater George! sob to your Aldi manager!
    did you know that there are users named gardenboy and gardenstatue1? I guess gardenstatue was taken at the time...

    @GlennDog - awesome! pm'd you earlier. Let me know!
    Between you and @CGTIII I should be able to get stocked until next summer! which is great, 'cause I'm trying to get back on track with my fitness routine and my diet's been suckin'. so you guys are really helping me out more than you know.
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  • bcwsrt
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    Tried the Polynesian Sweet & Spicy hot sauce on a roast beef sandwich yesterday. Mighty tasty! I don’t know that I'll be asking anyone to ship me large quantities, but I could see running a few blocks up the road for more one day and/or trying out the other varieties.


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    Sauces . . . goats . . . read between the lines, people. :|