I gots the itch

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For some reason I recall someone here having the combo of Butler 2 Channel amp and Joule tube pre amp and really liking the pairing...Ill search for it but perhaps it was verb or TonyB commenting in a post. Anyways...considering selling my MF A3.2 amp and snagging a used Butler 2250 I found. Anyone, anyone....


  • pearsall001
    I know TonyB had the Butler amp. Not sure about the pre though.
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    Pretty sure verb had a Joule pre if I’m not mistaken.
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    I had the itch once.....got a shot and everything cleared up fine
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    Geoff4rfc wrote: »
    I had the itch once.....got a shot and everything cleared up fine
    No details needed sir lol
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    @tonyb Didn't you have a Joule 100 pre and a Buttler combo at some point?
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