Magnifi Max AX SR time delay

When connected to my Roku TV, the sound is perfect. However, when connected to my Sonos system through a Sonos Connect S2 using an optical cable, there is a noticeable time delay with the rest of the Sonos system. The Polk soundbar is around 60-80 ms BEHIND the Sonos. I'm aware of the Time Delay feature on the Polk, but it would have to be a negative offset to align with the Sonos system. Alternatively, I could delay the Sonos system to match the Polk, but my components don't support that feature. I considered switching to a different soundbar, but I can't find anything else that sounds as good as the Polk with the dual eARC HDMI and optical inputs. Other more expensive soundbars only allow either eARC or optical, not both. Any suggestions?