Volume jumps 2 or 3 levels on Signa S4

I have an LG OLED 55 C9PUA. Just got a Signa S-4 Sound Bar. I am having the same problem as are others. With the sound bar operating the volume will not change in single jumps, but jumps about 3 levels. Cannot find a solution for it, Very aggravating. So I have to turn off the sound bar to listen to my TV to many shows when I want to be able to adjust the sound properly.


  • SeleniumFalcon
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    I'll forward this to some friends at Polk for suggestions.
  • SeleniumFalcon
    SeleniumFalcon Posts: 3,174
    This has been suggested:

    "Troubleshooting suggestion,

    -Connect via HDMI ARC and activate the Televisions CEC HDMI control feature. Use the Television remote for power and volume adjustments."
  • audioluvr
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    What's a "sound bar"?
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