Terrible sound on Left channel

Hooked up my new-to-me polk speakers (after replacing LH speaker in jack) and the Left sounds like trash. But it gets more interesting...

The receiver is a JVC RX-9V, the previous speaker system that sounded great with no issues is a Bose Acoustimass setup (sub box and 2 satellite speakers).

The "new" speaker system is a Polk DSW Pro 440wi, with 2 Polk RTi-A3 speakers.

Initially after hooking up the Polk speakers, the left speaker sounded like it was blown, and the right was crystal clear. Swapped the output wires from the sub, and then the right speaker sounded blown, and the left was clear.

So I swapped the inputs to the sub, at the rear of the receiver, and the blown sounding speaker/channel stayed with the Left channel output. Didn't matter if it was Channel 1 or 2, the left output sounds like crap through the Polk system. Odd, the Bose has no issue like that. So the blown-sounding output is not speaker dependent for the Polk pair, but it is channel dependent from the receiver. Again, the Bose was fine. Obviously very different speakers...

Any thoughts on this?