The Cars - 1978 Debut - Rhino High Fidelity



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    I think it will be worth much more when it's OOP unless Rhino does another run on them.

    After reading your post and on a whim I decided to order 2 copies, hoping you were right and I could recoup some of the money by selling one copy. I thought maybe I missed the boat and was shocked that the order went through. I think they sold out the next day. I was motivated to sell the extra copy so I didn't list it for top dollar. I adjusted the price a few times and it sold yesterday.

    Also, I'm like you. I ripped open my copy immediately and it is truly top notch!

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    now playing...

    #2505 BTW (at least its under the 3000 mark)
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    now playing...

    'bout time! ;)