Where to buy a “male RCA cable to male USB cable.”

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I want to connect a CD changer w/RCA digital out to a windows or Mac w/F USB in.

I have a CD/DVD player/burner w/a port…
…and a cord w/this…
…connector on one end & a M USB on the other. It works well as a player. So why not connect a CD changer w/a F RCA digital out?

I’m open to adapters but I much prefer a M RCA to M USB to minimize potential connection issues. If some (unknown to technical) issue would prevent this idea from working, I’ll “throw in the towel.”

As always, 1K thanks in advance for your help.

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    I believe it's called a dac
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    I don't think such a thing exists...why exactly do you need this?
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    Hey Tony, I think you're looking for a digital coax to USB converter. I'm seeing some that seem to do the reverse but I do not think they go the other way (not sure). My legacy iFi nano idsd has a digital coax output and USB input. Not what you need.
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    You can go from USB to spdif(rca) with a converter, but you cannot go from spdif(rca) to USB.
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    I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish, but you could use the analog outputs from the CD changer and get an analog to digital converter that plugs into your computer's USB jack. It is the sort of device you would use to convert records to digital format. Like this:


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    gp4jesus wrote: »

    Tony, what's with the latex gloves?
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    Tony, what's with the latex gloves?

    The "male to male" part in the title probably has him concerned. :#