Rel subs.

I have to comment on these subs. I haven’t heard a well set up rel subwoofer system in forever. But most recently, I heard a set of 3 rel Gibraltar subs. All high level inputs. I wouldn’t say they hit harder than my dual fathoms or that they’re as linear in response because of my room correct and outboard jl cr1, but man… they can make some fun music.

And those g1 remotes… so much fun to just tweak the volume of the subs and low pass crossover from your seat and vary them song by song!

2 thumbs up to whoever has a set of rels in their system, I’m a little jealous and green with envy.
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  • mantis
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    Jl audio IMO can be argued to be the best Subwoofers in the game at their price points. They are so damn fast and musical yet can perform theater like no other.

    I have been doing JL subwoofers for decades and honestly I don't miss REL subwoofers as good as they are. I find in general that the REL models of the past, I don't know how the new ones are , but back in the day, they where way more musical than Theater. They don't have that impact punch like Velodyne or JL audio can reproduce. Again my compare here is decades old so just really remembering the REL's of then and comparing those memories to JL which I have tons of experience with.

    Fathoms are stupid good man, they are remarkable subwoofers especially when setup correctly in a room, they kill of everything. They have no weakness. I absolutely love them.

    But like your experience which spiked my memories of setting up REL's back in the day, I felt they where incredible at music but just didn't have that impact.

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