Ceiling speaker set up for a long narrow space, 3 in a row.


I just bought a place that had a ceiling speaker system for music/media, not TV. The owner removed it when they sold and I would like a new one. Since it's a long, narrow space they had 3 speakers in a row down the center of the ceiling. Each is about 2 meters apart, evenly spaced.

My question is; would it be better to use 3 x Dual-Input Stereo Stereo speakers or 3 Single-Input L/R speakers? I assumed if I did single L/R I would have to set them up L/R/L or vice versa.

Thank you very much in advance!


  • mantis
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    using 3 in ceiling speakers in mono would work just fine. If you decided on dual input stereo speakers, that would eat up 6 channels of amps . I think 3 monos is the way to go.
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