R700 & svs 4000 placement question

I have the R700 speakers on either side of my 85” QN95B with the subs left and right of the towers. This uses every inch of the front wall. My sister, who cares for me since I can’t move due to Muscular Dystrophy, is not really digging that aesthetic so I am here for advice on placement that won’t adversely impact sound. Her idea is to put the subs closest to the tv and build stands over them to stack the towers on top. This plan worries me because the tweeters will be 20 inches above ear height, with all drivers being vertically aligned including the subwoofer sound will suffer. If you people with experience agree stacking is a problem sis said leaving everything as is will be fine. Thanks for your replies.


  • mantis
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    Can you post some pictures of you room? I'd like to see the entire front wall, side walls and then the back wall if this room as 4 walls.

    Reason is the best way to get good bass coverage in your room is to stagger the subwoofers. You want to place one of them on the front wall lets say the front right corner then you would want to put the other one in the back left corner. This will help you achieve smooth more even bad response across your seating area. You can do middle front and middle back or Middle side and middle other side . These positions are all great starting points.

    It's when you have a room like mine that has openings to the Dining room Kitchen and hallway that Bass becomes irregular. I move my subwoofers around to attempt to get the best overall performance. I also use 2 of them.
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    Leave your set up as is. Tell your sister her idea is not a good one.
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  • Emlyn
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    The tweeters on the R700s have to be close to ear height for them to perform properly for music and movie soundtracks. The speakers could be tilted forward from the back to point the tweeters down at the listening spot but that would be very unsafe and only a partial remedy for sound quality since the time alignment of the drivers in the speakers would be thrown off.

    The R700s should be sitting on the floor for stability and bass performance. Are the subwoofers SB4000 or PB4000? Not that I'd recommend downsizing them, but that could be an option if space is tight.