Where to mount Jantzen C coil in sda srs

Where is the best place to mount a Jantzen C coil in the sda srs cabinet to keep it away from any interference? I’m thinking no where near drivers or the passive radiator. Not many places. I’m sure I’m not the first to do this. Just want it to be right.


  • DarqueKnight
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    There is a cabinet brace just below the crossover opening that is 4" wide at the front and 1-3/4" wide
    at the sides. It provided a good place to mount the 2.75 mH and 16 mH inductors. The inductors were mounted with aluminum nuts and bolts.

    I first used the two stock 2.75 mH inductors with a North Creek 16 mH SDA.

    The stock 2.75 mH inductors were later replaced with Jantzen inductors



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    For the big boys (SRS, 1.2, 1.2TL) that shelf is valuable for placement. For 2.3s, I pose the same question, to those who have already upgraded to a Jantzen or similar toroidal coil.

    There seems to be a trade off between made flat on the floor (Left or Right, to avoid wires coming in from binding plate?) or the inside wall (L and R inside wall a 2.3, balancing height from floor between PR and lower stereo driver L or R accordingly, or the L and R outside side wall for 2.3TL).

    This guy has done the work most of us don't have equipment to do, and in the video below it will help you feel better about these giant coils, and their affect on nearby components:

    Also this guy does some great testing between parallel and perpendicular placements in relation to nearby drivers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs1phXWgZsQ

    Looking for any experience from 2.3 owners on what you have already done, Thanks!!
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    I put it here. Sounds great.
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    I like that placement, in my 2.3s, that would be across from the XO, but I think far enough based on those videos as to not have an affect on other circuits B)
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    Noted, and similar mounting in my 2.3s. Next, create mounting board for XOs, and update XO components.
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    AMF007 wrote: »
    Noted, and similar mounting in my 2.3s. Next, create mounting board for XOs, and update XO components.

    Kind of wondering why you didn't seal the back side of the binding post cup with hot melt glue?
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    Seems like you've gone to the nth degree so far B) Are those screws steel (ferromagnetic) or are they brass?
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    I did seal the binding cups where needed.