MAGNIFI MAX SR Dropping Bluetooth or AirPlay every 4 minutes when streaming from iPhone 13

I received the Polk MAGNIFI MAX SR this week and am impressed with the sound quality. I have the sound bar attached to a Samsung 85" Class - QN85BD TV. Today I've run into a very critical concern, when streaming via BT or AirPlay from my iPhone 13 the sound bar will play for ~ 4-5 minutes and stop playing music, the iPhone app will stop and the connection between the phone and sound bar will terminate. The TV was "OFF" at the time the music stopped. The Sound Bar display reads "TV", suggesting a signal was received by the TV to turn on. No command to turn on the TV was given.

I believe the Samsung TV receives a signal from some remote (Samsung TV remote or the Polk Audio remote) and interprets this as a request for watch TV. This data is passed to the Sound bar via the HDMI connection and stops the iPhone streaming and breaks the BT or AirPlay connection.

The temporary workaround I found was to turn on the TV while streaming from the iPhone.