Marantz CD 60

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Hello everyone,
Anyone mess round with the Marantz CD60 CD player? I haven't got my hands on one yet but I'm thinking of exploring.
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  • F1nut
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    I haven't seen much about it, but then again I haven't been
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  • nooshinjohn
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    Just at first glance, I would pass on it because it does not offer any streaming capabilities and does no allow for the dac to be used for anything beyond the player itself.
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  • jbreezy5
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    Looked at circuit board layout, but for $1000, no toroid at that price to me is disappointing.

    Would stay with a dedicated transport like Cambridge CXC + DAC, if CD only is desired.

    If black fascia desired, then I do like Marantz CD6007, which has similar circuitry to CD60 at less cost. Or maybe a Rotel spinner. Both @ ca. $600.
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  • mantis
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    To me and seems in this instance, the new Marantz line is a bit over inflated in price vs other things on the market. I'm also starting to feel that way with their AVR's. They are also beautiful and the feet on them really get me every time I put on down on a surface.

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