Loud blow back sound from subwoofer

I have an older(8+ years) Polk surround sound set of speakers(7) attached to a Pioneer receiver and my Panasonic TV. We're getting periodic very loud "cracks" of sound coming from our subwoofer. The connections seem tight but I'm wondering if the cord connecting to the receiver should be replaced. Or is the problem likely to be a failing speaker?

Would appreciate any comments/advice.


  • Clipdat
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    The subwoofer's built-in amplifier is failing.
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    It’s passing a little gas….
    It is going to eventually shat on you
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    lolol, laughed way too hard at that.
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    I was thinking of cross-referencing the "blowhole" thread when I saw this thread's title -- but that actually wouldn't have been helpful at all...

    The failing subwoofer amplifier sounds, unfortunately, like an all-too-likely culprit. :(

  • F1nut
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    Time to shop for a new sub. Since this appears to be for HT use might I suggest looking at SVS.
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