Just one song to impress the uninitiated - Which one?



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    Glad you liked it!
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    We've all been there - A friend, acquaintance, neighbor or such is visiting your home. They see your music rig and ask "What is all THAT for?"

    I recently had this happen - one of my wife's friends was over, and she asked why I had an "old fashioned" stereo, as opposed to a blu-tooth speaker hooked to my phone. My wife rolls her eyes and says "One song, then we're going back upstairs..." In this case, I asked the friend what kind of music she enjoys - 90's rock/grunge. Not one of my mainstay genres, but I have a good one - Running Blind off the Godsmack SACD "The Other Side". We ended up listening for about a half hour - Wife was NOT amused...

    This encounter got me thinking, if you only have ONE SONG to try and sell someone on the merits of a well thought out 2ch listening rig, what would it be? My normal go-to would have to be Private Investigations, off the Love Over Gold SACD from Dire Straits...

    @daddyjt, I really like your story in this thread and the posts it has generated.

    I am still thinking!

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    One more track that I haven't used but at a Polkfest at HQ, I know Stu was in the room, I think Al was there too and someone from sales but I can't remember for sure. They were demo'ing the brand new LSi-RTS105 in-wall speakers in the HT demo room. I don't remember the source, I want to say it was a Denon SACD/DVD player but I do remember seeing the monster of a Conrad Johnson amp. The in-walls were all covered by screens at first and before the demo started, the sales guy told us that none of the speakers that we could see in the room were active. 'Cause all the inwalls were behind screens.

    Then they threw this track up:


    To say everyone was floored was an understatement.

    It was playing in multi-channel mode, not stereo but you honestly felt like you were on the stage watching Peter Gabriel riding the bike around you.

    At a later Polkfest we were all at Stu's house and he had the same LSi-RTS105 in-walls and somebody found the Peter Gabriel - "Growing Up Live" DVD they used at HQ a few years earlier and we threw it up on the system at Stu's 'cause I wanted to see if they sounded as good in a home environment as they did in the perfect demo room. They did but I wanted to see what the other systems were like with the same track. We went to the other rigs that were set up to listen and while all were different, the one thing that was impressive was this track. The recording is just incredibly mastered. I never heard it on an SDA rig but the way the crowd is around the stage makes for a unique soundstage and it's completely immersive on even a well set up stereo rig. It's one of the better live recordings if not the best live recording I've ever heard. I'd expect nothing less from Peter Gabriel, though.
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    I love Peter Gabriel SACD's as you said mastered beautifully. I had two live DVD's that I would sit and watch from time to time as they are just a great way to listen to music and watch a concert. I probably should seek out some on Bluray for the two I lost.

    Secret World Live was one I had.

    This one is excellent on SACD.

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    Black Cow
    This ones always a treat
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    Ok well when you don't like it, remember it's because your system isn't resolving enough and/or doesn't dig deep enough.

    Is that performance art like when Beck sampled a vacuum cleaner running through a feedback filter and made a whole song with it?

    'Cause it sounds like Billain dropped the mixing board down a flight of stairs, played it back out of curiosity and thought "Now there's a hit song!"

    Sea change for my reference
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    First time listening to Dark Side.
    Oh my what an experience.

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    Ever?!? No way.
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    "Old fashioned stereo"... Reminds of my college years, when I had assembled a respectable, nice sounding rig (with my newly purchased RTA-12's) and someone visiting said "it sounds just like the radio, only louder". Gave a whole meaning to the saying "it fell on deaf ears".

    Another cut to add to the list would be The Mind of Love from K.D. Lang's Ingenue. The whole album is very, very well recorded and her voice and the instrumentation are downright beautiful.