As soon as power is plugged in it cuts right on but……..

So after it cuts itself on it goes straight to the white LED lights. It starts with 2 in the center, the adds two every time like a second all the way up to ten leds showing on the front. Also it adds the to each side like it will add one to the left and one to the right growing everytime. Once it hits ten dots it will revert back to two and go again. After it does this awhile it will stop growing/flashing and they will all turn solid but the dots change from all white to: green, green, red, green, orange, orange, orange, orange.and the last two will be white. I can not raise or lower or mute the volume during any of this. I can’t open the door without alarms going off. I can’t power it off, switch inputs, Bluetooth or pair Bluetooth. It will not connect to . No button on the speaker works at all..