Parasound JC5 amp + Polk L800 speakers

Is the Parasound JC5 amplifier a good match for the Polk L800 speakers? Is it compatible (and ideal) for SDA?


  • pitdogg2
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    Your best bet is to call Parasound and ask if it is a dual differential amp and common ground. If it is dual differential it is not a good candidate

    I know several here use the A21/A21+ on older SDA speakers.
  • nooshinjohn
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    Common ground is no longer an issue.
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  • Emlyn
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    A forum member checked with Parasound directly on the JC5 and was told it is compatible with the L800s

    I have a JC5 but don't use it with my L800s. I wouldn't have any concerns if I did. I instead use it with a pair of JM Lab Electras.

    Is it ideal for the L800s? Don't know as that'll depend on what an owner wants. I can say that it is quite a bit different in sound signature and performance than a standard Parasound design like an A21, A23, etc.