Polk Magifi Max volume adjustment

Just come up with a strange situation. I set up my current Polk Magifi Max with my new Sony TV. It works properly for a night but not for the following day. After hours of trials, the sound bar works but when I try to adjust the volume, the sound bar reacts with no sound but not turn off. If I turn it off and turn it on again, it works again. The strange point is even when I use my TV remote controller, the sound bar also reacts with no sound immediately. Has anyone come across with similar situation? Appreciate all your thought and advice. Thanks.


  • strud45
    strud45 Posts: 1
    Hi, just a look at your HDMI port you are using on the Sony, is it ARC or eARC? And maybe go through the HDMI config on the Sony. I had some issues on a Panasonic TV and my Magnifi 2. Goog luck.
  • Ken_Yeung
    Ken_Yeung Posts: 4
    Thanks for your advice. Mine is eARC. I tried to config my Sony TV but it seems that it doesn't help too much. Anyway, I will try again to see if it helps. Fingers crossed.