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    Physical media for me. I see no point in paying for a streaming service when I already have enough music to outlast my time on this rock. Not to mention, I freaking own it.

    90+ million songs....BFD!!!

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    @daddyjt I have to agree with you, and it's not only censorship it's also if the artist decides to pull their music like Neil young did on tidal.
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    @daddyjt I have to agree with you, and it's not only censorship it's also if the artist decides to pull their music like Neil young did on tidal.

    How'd that go for him? I had thought he caved pretty quickly..... truth be told I didn't actually follow it much.
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    Yea, Mr Young picked the wrong guy to lay down his ultimatum against, lol.
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    I took the streaming plunge, and subsequent rabbit hole journey, due to a lot of threads just like this one CP. For sure it's a journey, transport, cables, power supply just like everything else.

    I guess I'm lazy too, but I do like the convenience of, set it and forget it while I'm not doing any sort of critical listening. Working in the garage, basement, outside via BT, hanging with friends in the living room, fire up the streamers and enjoy!

    The discovery of other artists similar to what I have played on Tidal is one of the greatest things for me. The ability to search a never ending and growing database within the streaming services is powerful. "Recommended" artists that I never knew existed, I'd try em out, and wow! Some others I'd try, meh, move on. But even finding musicians that I like making guest appearances on other albums is really awesome to me. The recent vocal of Tommy Shaw on Alan Parsons new album, or Lou Gramm on his previous! Do a search of one of your faves and be amazed at what pops up!

    If I find a new artist that I like, I will most likely buy the disc. Or LP. Heck even the cassette for nostalgia! Crack em open when I have time to sit and relax in front of the big rig. SQ, I'd say is mixed for sure.

    Even in the car I can play Tidal through the car's rig. Again very convenient.

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    I'll stream if I'm involved in a project, cooking etc. and can't be changing discs. As mentioned above streaming is great for being introduced to new artists, and I keep a list going of anyone I want to investigate. For me the very best CD's sound better and are more dynamic than what I can stream (my set-up), but some CD's also sound horrible.
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    The streaming device can make a big difference in the enjoyment from a SQ stand point and UI stand point. While mine is truly not the greatest thing, I recently upgraded from a FiiO X5 gen 3 DAP to an iBasso DX160. It is night and day for usability and sound. It actually has me streaming more than listening to CD or FM now ;) . A down side is that with the iBasso's ability to properly decode MQA and other hi-res, I don't like Spotify as much and I fear I may enter streaming snobbery.

    The neatest thing I found with streaming services is the discovery of new music that I otherwise wouldn't try. On a whim I just do a search for something I hadn't listened to before (i.e. Steven Wilson) and discovery is made. If I don't like then search for something else; the monthly fee is the same. Then there is the auto generated lists by the streaming services. Spotify is great for this.

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    Tidal Screen shot. Ani is a fantastic writer.
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