Tubes-Russian export ban effects tube supplies



  • jbreezy5
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    Tube Depot is rocking JJs again!
  • marvda1
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    JJ's are not Russian.
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    marvda1 wrote: »
    JJ's are not Russian.

    Czech republic IIRC
  • jbreezy5
    jbreezy5 Posts: 1,075
    Didn’t claim they were. Was just letting people know where to get some tubes.
  • Polkitup2
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    Dang Russkies, I was on an Audio Research wait list for an ARC quad of Sovtek 6H30pi and they emailed me today. They are now available at $600 for a quad! Insane, I guess I will try the Upscale audio "ARC" tubes.
  • nooshinjohn
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    Glad I have a nice supply of KT120 on hand. I think I paid 21 dollars a tube a while back.
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  • newbie308
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    I just paid for a pair of Tung Sol KT120's and they are twice as much as what I paid a little more than a year ago for the exact same tubes.

    It's a good thing that I just purchased a Threshold solid state amp and preamp from @engie490 😁 now I can put the Tube amp away until this situation is resolved.
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  • pitdogg2
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    I've got several sellers of tubes bookmarked on ebay selling original 6550/kt88 tubes. I know its probably a backwards move, could be something to stock just in case if your amp can use them.
  • xschop
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    So effectually, everyone's tubes are tied?
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