Monitor 10 tweeter replacement

Just wondering if anyone knew what tweeter this is. I have had these for a while and love them. Is it possible to find a direct replacement?



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    Original peerless, good luck finding a pair.
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    That is the absolutely worst looking Peerless I've ever seen. You're also missing two screws.

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    Yes I know I took them out to look on the back. Funny thing is they were working like that for years. I will take a picture of the other side. Hawaii is not kind to electronics.
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    Well, it's just metal. A little vinegar could be a start, a full disassembly / stripping / sanding / priming / painting could be a solution.
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    Wow... I plan on moving to the beach when I retire but if that's what it does to my peerless tweeters I'm having second thoughts...
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