W4S DAC 2 Abuse!!!

When I see gear abused like this, I just have to wonder, How, and Why?? I seriously don’t get it, and then still want $899 for it!! GTFOOH!!

Mine is 8-9 years old, and still looks brand new…



  • stangman67
    stangman67 Posts: 2,166
    What in tarnation?! That poor piece of equipment. I take great care of every piece of equipment I own, I can not imaging what it took to get to that condition
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  • maxward
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    It looks like he cleaned it with crumbled drywall.
  • Emlyn
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    Looks like something that was retrieved from a few years in a landfill. Or someone tried to sand blast the black paint off it.

    It appears to power up but no way would I buy it for half that price.

  • Toolfan66
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    I remember one guy selling an Adcom GFP 750 that was wrapped in something like dynamat, knobs and all. Wish I could find a pic of it, it made me cringe..
  • pitdogg2
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    maxward wrote: »
    It looks like he cleaned it with crumbled drywall.

    Probably course steel wool
  • VR3
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    Many moons ago I took something on trade that had a special finish on the chassis... Can't recall the gear or the finish, none the less the owner had cleaned it with... Windex or something of the like and the finish essentially melted.

    I had my powder coaters sand blast it and powder coat it.

    Anyways this reminds me of that, but much worse... Looks awful
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  • gudnoyez
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    Shame really is a shame what was once a perfectly good W4S Dac is now an abused W4S even if it still performs as it should I could not display that in any set up of mine.
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  • smglbrth
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    Makes you wonder if it's "hot"...
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  • TEAforONE
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    Looks like it spent its life in a vacuum cleaner bag. Oh my,that’s nasty.
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