Sony UBPX-800M2 Owners?

For all you guys/gals that are into HT stuff I have a quick question for you. My Yamaha BD-A1010 quit playing regular DVD's (still plays BD's, weirdly) and since I'm old and still own many DVD's I bought this Sony as I really wanted the digital out to go to my integrated. I read many reviews stating that this unit was pretty decent and in case my TV dies I should be good to go with a newer one.

Anyway, the TV is an LG 42LK450, bought new in 2011. I had some issues with the set-up on the new BDP (losing signal while watching and so-on) so I bought a new HDMI cable that is a faster speed. I also shut off the HDR out since the TV isn't capable of that. The LG is 1080P but other than that I can't tell you much. The issues seem to have settled for now.

Guess my question is - Am I looking for trouble with the Sony and my TV not being compatible? I've read lots of info on the subject, most of which is Greek to me, and it should work just fine, so it seems. I really, really, don't want to get a new TV as this one works like a peach.

Thanks for any and all insights as this is definitely NOT my forte...
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  • rooftop59
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    You shouldn't have any problems as the Sony should be backwards compatible. Set the output to either 1080p or "auto" and you shouldn't have any problems.
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  • mantis
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    It's a nice player and it will work just fine with any 1080P set. Leave it in AUTO and it will select the correct video format.
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  • smglbrth
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    Thanks for the advice and comments. I'll turn it back to "auto" and see what happens (hopefully nothing!) I did take the top off the Yamaha about a year ago and cleaned the laser lenses/greased the rails and DVD's worked right away, for a little bit. Then I'd have to reload them up to around 10 times for the player to recognize a disc. It got to where my wife and I would joke around about how many times I would have to re-insert the disc.

    Guess it was/is a decent BDP since it's 10 years old and still going (as far as BD). It's getting harder to find decent BDP's since many companies have stopped making them...
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