Flashing White Light

Good day,

Looking for some assistance as to why my Polk Magnifi Max SR isn't working. There is a flashing white light. I have tried unplugging and plugging back in with no luck. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Sean,
    I'll ask a friend at Polk.
  • Having the same issue. Tried hard reset, unplugging HDMI arc, unplugging power etc. Nothing works. Bar is completely unresponsive.
  • I'll refer you to a friend at Polk.
  • If appreciate that. It appears that sound is working via arc HDMI, but the white light is still flashing and I'm no longer able to connect the sound bar to Google home. Quite frustrating...
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    Hello guys,

    Yesterday I was having the exact same problem. The bar was unresponsive with just a pulsing white light.

    I finally got it to work this morning.

    Last night I plugged the bar only to the power source and directly into the router with a ethernet cable and went to bed.

    This morning the pulsing light was gone.
    I hooked the bar back to the tv and worked fine and I was able to sync it back to the Google home app.

    I think the bar didn't finish updating the firmware properly that's why it wasn't responding, and apparently the update happens only overnight. Since we can't sync to the home wifi, the only way is hardwire with the ethernet cable and let it cycle through overnight.

    A point worth mentioning, my bar seems to work better with the optical cable in the tv it's plugged in.

    When I tried in a different tv the hdmi arc connection was fine.

    Both tvs are LG, almost identical.

    I hope it works to you as well
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    Hi I have a Magnifi Max soundbar. One morning, i noticed that the soundbar had a white led on and no fuctions ccould be performed. I switched off and switched on again, and still had very same error. I took the soundbar to the distributor here in South Africa, Homation for repairs. I was told my 2 year warranty expired. my product is just under 3 years old, I gave go a ahead to repair, I received this feedback"Tried to recover updated firmware no luck". I was advised there is nothing they can do as fault is on the motherboard. I asked them to change it. I was the told the manufacturer Polk does not supply parts for repairs. The only option is to by a new soundbar !!!!! This is first time i hear of such feedback that a manufacturer does not supply parts to fix their product. Can someone please assist me on how to get a mother board
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    Bury it at sea. It's not worth fixing.
  • I'll refer this to a friend at Polk.
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    I'll refer this to a friend at Polk.

    Do you just copy and paste this response? If you got a dollar for each time you'd be rich!
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    howmay ohms is the magnifi max 8" subwoofer