psw505 frequency response

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Can someone plot this for me? I forgot I don't have excel! :eek:

These are the uncorrected numbers, so you should use pjdami's corrected graph. If you don't have it, I can email it.
Frequency       SPL
79.4            75
75              78
70.8            72
66.8            71.5
63.1            74.5

59.6            74.5
56.2            74.5
53.1            79
50.1            80
47.3            80

44.7            78
42.2            77
39.8            76.5
37.6            76
35.5            76

33.5            77
31.6            78.5
29.9            75.5
28.2            72
26.6            72.5

25.1            73
23.7            71
22.4            67
21.1            60.5
20              56
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  • fireshoes
    fireshoes Posts: 3,212
    edited June 2004
    Ok, here ya go guys! I didn't measure above 80 or below 20hz.
  • pjdami
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    edited June 2004
    yeah. that looks pretty good there fireshoes. I'm thinking maybe the sub is 4 to 5 db too "hot" from the overall gain from 55 hz down but I could be wrong.

    Nice extension from a Polk sub.

  • fireshoes
    fireshoes Posts: 3,212
    edited June 2004
    Sounds like I've got some tweeking to do still. I sorta forgot about the speakers still playing some below 80hz. I'll chart up to 100hz and see what's happening there too.
  • pjdami
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    Yeah. That's a good thing to do to see the transition from the mains to the sub. But still looks pretty good. No huge peaks or nulls that some are plagued by. You can definitely tweak that to your liking some more. Try flipping the phase switch on the sub on a sweep and see what that does from 100 - 50 hz (assuming you are crossovered at 80 hz).

    Looks promising for the LSi W for sure.

    Thanks for sharing your sub's mugshot.

  • fireshoes
    fireshoes Posts: 3,212
    edited June 2004
    I actually ran tones for two locations with 0º and 180º phase at each spot. This is 180º on the second spot, which I thought had the best curve. It actually looks good where it's at too. Just inside my left main, with both pointed towards the sweet spot.
  • Dr. Spec
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    Very good extension - solid to 25 Hz with room gain included - nice. Goes deep enough for most movies. Overall a decent looking curve too.
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