Looking for some Polk SDAs

Years ago I made the mistake of selling my modified SDA SRS 2s. A move to this day I regret but starting a family and moving required some sacrifices. They were TL modded and sounded fantastic. With the above being said the time has come that I find another set of SDAs. I am looking for a set of Polk SDA 2Bs (wooden tops and fabric side panels), SRS 2 blade / blade, or a set of 2.3TLs. I am located in East Central Indiana and could easy make a fun weekend drive out of it.

I also have a few speakers and amps on the chopping block that I can offer as trade or partial trade.
Speakers: TL Monitor 10s, RTA 11TLs, Fortes, Thiel CS 1.2
Amplifiers: ]Ashly FTX 2001 III, Dynaco ST-70, DIY F6
Pre: Adcom GFP 750, Aikido Tube Pre