Gain/Loss ? If RTA 12 B's replaced with Signature 60's

I am thinking of disposing of my RTA 12B's in favor of something with a slimmer profile. Space is tight along this dimension (room above the garage with sloped roof line on both sides) around the TV.
What if I replaced with Signature 60's. Would that be a noticeable improvement? This room has an old 7.1 setup with Polk center and surrounds. (I don't see much interest nowadays in the RTA)


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    it would be a shame to "dispose" of them if they are perfectly functional. They are one of the better non-SDA speaker
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    They are in fine shape, I would say near mint. I used to listen to music too in this room with Paradigm ref 60's. Music has moved to another room now, so it is only movies up here. When I did both music and movies it was just a tight squeeze with a 70+ screen TV in the middle for two speakers. Also the Paradigms liked to be positioned out into the room. So had to shuffle P's out of the way of the RTA's for a movie. Getting too old for that, also want to streamline appearances. Surround sound is not high priority for me which was the reason for the question as to whether for that purpose the S60's would be fine.
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    The Signature series will have a more detailed lively sound in comparison to those RTA's.
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